May 9, 2012

YSL: Vinyl Candy Palette

The Vinyl Candy palette quad is part of the Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2012 collection: Candy Face

I've had lots of good experience with YSL makeup so I hurried to try out the makeup that come out in this collection. Sadly, I have been a bit late to find out about it in the first place! I tried the palette at the makeup counter and I almost lost my jaw. The colours are extremely pigmented and I don't even reckon how it's possible for it to become even more pigmented when you try to damp the eyeshadow brush a bit. Nonetheless I am in love. The colours are strong and vibrant. On the palette it's possible to see a hint of glitter and I started to have doubts because I tend to stay away from glittery makeup most of the time. Thats due to it being a bit tacky and does not suit me at all. It's a matter of personal opinion though and I have seen people rock the glitter so it completely depends on who is wearing it. The sale's lady hurried to tell me that it actually wasn't glittery at all. There is only a subtle of shimmer on the surface to make it look pretty. Well, that's amazing. A beautiful palette, pigmented and non-sparkly? Well I grabbed it when she told me that it was a limited edition and the it was the last piece because it was so popular. I took it eagerly and I must confess: it's one of my best buys and I highly recommend it. 
Therefore, I give it 5/5.

I'm really sorry for lack of swatches and everything, but something is wrong with my camera and as soon as I get it fixed, I will take the pictures and put them in. So they are on the way...

- May

The Body Shop's Beauty with Heart.

Hand in hand with Lily Cole, The Body Shop is going to launch a new make up line that will be a limited edition. The Body Shops movement is targeted towards beauty using cruelty-free products that even appeal to vegetarians which is adherent to the company's strict policy against animal testing. The Body Shop is also advocating towards a positive change in the world by inspiring individuals all around the globe to use their potential to make a positive change.
The makeup line will consist of:
     Mini Hi-Shine Lip Treatments
     Shimmer Cubes in 4 colours
     Lip & Cheek Domes in Crazy For Coral and Pinch Me For Pink
     Pearl Radiance Primer
     Liquid Eyeliner in Violet
     A Mini Brush Set
     Puff On Radiance

I have been looking around for a primer and a highlighter with not a lot of shimmer in it. I am aware that The Body Shop sell a pretty good moisturising, vitamin E cream that also works as an illuminator. I have swatched it and I love how moisturising the product is. The sparkle in it is a tad bit too much for my taste, because when I tried to rub the area with the illuminator on with a tissue, I got the product off but not the glitter which kind of disappointed me. But the product was really good though and I wanted to give it a thought before I tried it. That is because I know that Guerlain sells a good highlighter. I've only heard the best about it, and I want to go and try it out as soon as possible. If the sparkle is less in it, I will buy it and review it, if not - I will just get the illuminator from The Body Shop. But now as you can see, they're going to launch he "Puff on Radiance" which looks very much similar to the Guerlain Météorites Perles which I have been thinking about. So now I just need to wait for the launch and try that one out too.

Guerlain - Météorites Perles - In Harmony 01

The Body Shop - Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream

The make up line is scheduled to launch by either the end of May or the start of June 2012, depending on the location.
Looking Good, Feeling Good, Doing Good! - Beauty with Heart.

May 8, 2012

First post!

Hello and welcome to my blog!
This is my first post and I am really excited about all of this. First of I want to do a proper layout for this blog, so it might take a while before everything is completely settled. I already have a layout in my mind but life is very hectic the next three weeks so I will put it up around the end of the month. Why? I am finally a senior and am doing my last exams so I need to work really hard on them. :)

( I had to put this picture in, because I absoluty love it. I'm really trying to look for that Dior palette, 
but I think you can only get it at the airport? Big palettes like that are usually "travel palettes" I guess. )

As I mentioned, my blog will consist of make up products that I review, a bit of polyvore collages from time to time, beauty, healthy, relevant books and things that might catch my eye. I will most defintely take pictures of my items but I will credit if I have pictures from somewhere else, if possible. I just started out eagerly liking make up recently because I was skeptic about it before. I know, it's very silly. But I found the true side of it now and I am learning a lot! Underways I've been starting to buy make up that's both good and looks good, so I will try to bring out as much quality products as possible(and also anything else) and review them so people will be able to buy something that is worth it. Because I KNOW how disappointing it is to pay a lot of money for something that either doesn't look good on me, disappointing quality dispite the price and just really not worth it at all. Since I've learned a lot by trying different things, I came a cross a lot of people that I know that really don't know much about the different products. And by giving them advice, it has changed many of their views of things and defintely taught them to understand certain products better. So I thought about making a blog similar to that kind of thing to help other people. 

Wow. What a long post I made there. 

- May ♥!