May 8, 2012

First post!

Hello and welcome to my blog!
This is my first post and I am really excited about all of this. First of I want to do a proper layout for this blog, so it might take a while before everything is completely settled. I already have a layout in my mind but life is very hectic the next three weeks so I will put it up around the end of the month. Why? I am finally a senior and am doing my last exams so I need to work really hard on them. :)

( I had to put this picture in, because I absoluty love it. I'm really trying to look for that Dior palette, 
but I think you can only get it at the airport? Big palettes like that are usually "travel palettes" I guess. )

As I mentioned, my blog will consist of make up products that I review, a bit of polyvore collages from time to time, beauty, healthy, relevant books and things that might catch my eye. I will most defintely take pictures of my items but I will credit if I have pictures from somewhere else, if possible. I just started out eagerly liking make up recently because I was skeptic about it before. I know, it's very silly. But I found the true side of it now and I am learning a lot! Underways I've been starting to buy make up that's both good and looks good, so I will try to bring out as much quality products as possible(and also anything else) and review them so people will be able to buy something that is worth it. Because I KNOW how disappointing it is to pay a lot of money for something that either doesn't look good on me, disappointing quality dispite the price and just really not worth it at all. Since I've learned a lot by trying different things, I came a cross a lot of people that I know that really don't know much about the different products. And by giving them advice, it has changed many of their views of things and defintely taught them to understand certain products better. So I thought about making a blog similar to that kind of thing to help other people. 

Wow. What a long post I made there. 

- May ♥!

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