July 27, 2012

Benefit: Hoola Bronzing Powder

Todays review is going to be about the Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder!
I've heard so much about this one and I remember the fuss all the way back to around 2009. I never really have it much thought, but as a makeup beginner I'm trying to collect all the basic makeup products - so at some point I needed to acquire a good bronzer. I immediately thought about the Hoola because: yes, you guessed right - it's matte!
It has a pretty and neat packaging. It reminds me so much about Hawaii and long summer nights. Perfect.
I know that an earlier version of the Hoola was different in such a way that the "lid" could come off completely. At the makeup counter, I didn't know that they've changed it and I automatically tried to take it off. Same did the salesassistant, the same thing Ayesha did when she tried it out at my house :P Haha. It doesn't, and that's because as you can see in the picture only four sides are open while it's stuck at the top part where it is part of the whole package. So there is actually no lid.
Also - the Hoola comes with a simple brush. I had a bit of trouble with it. The brush is better used if you want a light, sun-kissed, very very very subtle look. The brush is soft as a feather and that means that not a lot of product will come off from it. That's why it takes a lot of product (using this brush) to build up anything visible. The brush is therefore not good at all for contouring. You will need to use a contouring or a blush brush for that matter.
After the first time I cleaned it, the brush started to shed horribly. It didn't stop and if I try use it I will have a couple of the brush hairs on my face. Very unfortunately.
The bronzer itself is very good. If you have pale skin, you will be able to achieve any desirable, subtle look with it. People with a tan or a lightly darker skin might need to built it up a look. I doubt it will work for dark skin. I have NC20 skin and I need a good deal of build up before I have a contoured look. I still like it because it doesn't look any cakey or fake. Because of the need to build up a lot I doubt you can get a highly dramatic look with it.

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