July 9, 2012

The Body Shop: Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter

Remember my The Body Shop haul from some time ago? While, here is one of the products I've been experimenting with too see if they work well with me. For that reason, I didn't buy the 200ml but the 50ml. This is the The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter.

Product File:
- No Silicones
- No Colourants
- No Parabens
- Comes in 50ml or 200ml
- For dry and damaged hair
I actually enjoy using hair products that are stay-in because you can avoid so much hassle with these. My hair is usually normal and in a very good condition, but the top part of my scalp if for some strange reason extremely dry and damaged! I have tried everything and I can't seem to find out what to do with it anymore and are at a loss. My only current solution is to cut it when it grows long so that I can avoid the dry parts and wait for some healthy hair parts to grow out. I'm still waiting.
In the meantime I'm using this product.
I actually just recently found out that I've been using it all wrong. I was a bit confused as to why it kept my hair skiny in a greasy way (it didn't feel like it, it just looked greasy while not being so). But part of how it looked, it really smoothed out my hair and it made it feel amazing. As mentioned, I use it right after I wash my hair and I only put it on the dry parts of my hair. The website claims that:
"After shampooing, smooth 1-2 hazelnut-sized amounts onto palms and work through damp hair. Leave for at least five minutes. Massage with some warm water, then rinse thoroughly. For best results use after washing with Rainforest Moisture Shampoo."
Oh.... I even checked the product and I clearly got the unwritten message that it was a "leave-on". That to the side,  there is only one small complaint from me. I'm aware that this hair butter from this shampoo rain is supposed to be products that are not loaded with harmfull chemicals (a post about that later), but the smell is a bit unbearable for me after some time. I feel like I smell tea and something else that I do not like which I can't exactly explain. This is the part reason why I want to leave this hair care range and opt for something similar but from a different brand. 
All in all, I still do like the product. The smell is just not so right. I really feel like they could make it smell better by putting something in it. Why not put shea butter or jojoba oil in it? Having a right scent that isn't uncomfortable could make a big difference.

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