July 16, 2012

Shokubutsu: Hydrating Facial Foam

Shokubutsu is a side name under the japanese brand LION. Shokubutsu is japanese for "plant".
I've never heard about it before, but after checking their website I realized I actually have products here and there from this brand. 

The website claims that:
Enriched with Triple Power of Plants, Shokubutsu helps to revive your beautiful healthy skin naturally. The Triple Power of Plants:
- 100% Nourishment from plants helps replenish skin’s nutrient from within, keeping it soft and supple.
- 100% cleansing ingredients from plants gently cleanses while maintaining skin’s natural moisture balance.
- Pure plant extracts provides different functional benefits, enhancing skin’s condition, giving it a healthy glow.
When I got this, I was in a hurry and I had already finished all my facial cleansing products. So naturally, this one is a drug brand that cost me around ... less than 5 dollars? I don't exactly remember but it was definitely not costly at all. 
I swatched a bit too much on my wrist because it has a nice runny consistensy, like fluid handsoap. But it foams nicely and smells really good. I make sure that I moisturise my face whenever I use a facial cleanser, which is really important. I really like how it makes my skin feel and the product itself smells nicely. 

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