July 25, 2012

MAC: Cream Colour Base in Pearl

The websites states that this is a multi-purpose cream base. Therefore, they can be used as eyeshadow, lip colour, blush etc.
For me, I bought it for the sake of using it as a highlighter and it really looks amazing that way too. Now I really want to warn people because, even though it's stated that it's a multipurpose product: people should be aware that many of the colours are NOT recommended to be used in the eye are and some other few not to be used in the lip area. That's why they put a safety insert (which I was surprised to find, because MAC usually don't put these in the product packaing - but they have a good reason this time) due to some chemicals that might be harmfull for mentioned area but not the rest.

I got MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl. The jar comes in a net weight of 3.2g or 0.12 oz.

The colour is very easy to use, and the results of it can very from subtle to a very dramatic effect depending on whether you layer it a lot or not. In the following pictures, I gave it around 3-4 layers to make sure it came up on the camera. One layer is possible and lightly visible. It looks really beautiful actually. 
I don't know but it kind of looks a bit chalky on the picture? I'm not sure why that happened but that's not how it looks. It has a soft metallic shimmer to it (a reflective one) that didn't show up and can look very dramatic if it's layered up. Amazing product. Defintely and essential and a stable product!

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