July 13, 2012

TheFaceShop: Angled Blush Brush

I am so so sorry that I haven't updated for a while, but the simple reason is that I have been trying to enjoy my summer vacation fully and not to wasting a minute not being active at all times. That's why my family keep seeing me popping up everywhere around the city: the museums, bieng with my friends and family, meeting new people, amusement parks etc. It's been exhausting but so much worth it. And I am having so much fun thanks for my very thoughtfull friends. I promise to share some pictures soon (I just need to get my hands on my own laptop so I can update the pictures and edit them on my own phase and liking without rushing - but they will be up in a few days. Promise).

So this time I'm reviewing a brush I got from TheFaceShop. TheFaceShop defintely reminds you of the name of The Body Shop but the difference is that this is the asian/korean version of The Body Shop and it does slightly differ in many ways. They have unique products that I enjoy using and I cannot boast enough of how calming and soothing their products are. I like how affordable they are because I can easily stock up on my favorite products. But here we go.
Firstly, I think it's important to get an angled brush because it eases contouring and applying blush. It has a more dramatic effect rather than a buffing and a big evening/mattefying out on the whole area a normal blush/powder brush does.
Therefore, I decided to give this brush a chance before I need to invest in a more high-end brand brush like the ones from Bobbi Brown and MAC.

It does it's job and is a pretty decent quality looking at it's price. I just noticed that it lightly shed twice (by twice I mean that the two times I used it AFTER cleaning the brush, and also that the two times only where two "hairs" that fell out). Otherwise I'm pretty much happy with it. I don't think I need any angled brush (I wish though, but I won't mindlessly splurge if I don't need to) at the moment until I actually do face problems with this one. I'm pretty satisfied with it.

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