July 3, 2012

Hello Kitty Beauty Spa Opening

Certainly, we must all have obsessively loved Hello Kitty at some point in our lives. Having a bunch of Hello Kitty things even at moments were we didn't notice it. The point is: we have all grown up with the Hello Kitty universe.
What's the best thing then? A new spa in Dubai has opened up it's doors and is dedicated to both Queens and their Princesses to have a splendid time at the first and only Hello Kitty Beauty Spa in the world.
Check out these pictures, isn't the place just too gorgeous? Not too overbearing with pink and looks pretty classy.
Those are the only offical pictures available. If you guys are looking for more, I suggest visiting their facebook page where they have more pictures of the place which was taken during the party. I won't be posting them here, because I'm not sure it's really allowed because there are people on them. It will be kind of sensitive I guess. But I won't bother because you can just get there by a doing a few clicks. Simple.
I really really CANNOT wait to go for a trip to Dubai just to visit the spa. I will most likely take the princess (that's my little sister for you)  with me because there is no doubt she will swim in everything Hello Kitty related. I might be 19 right now, but I am still tempted to get the occasional Hello Kitty merchandise from time to time because they are just too cute.
I promise to get some pictures with me of the place when I go there. No doubt ... !
You can check out their website on:

They also have a twitter and an instagram if anyone interesting and they are being regularly updated in hearing about their journeys and small quirky stories from now and then :)

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