June 9, 2012

Bobbi Brown: SPF 15 Tinted Moisturiser

The tinted moisturiser by Bobbi Brown is one of the top rated products they have. And with a good reason. They mention that it's a 3-in-1 moisturiser, because it's: 1) Light coverage "foundation"/tint. 2) It has SPF 15. 3) It's a moisturiser. 
The product comes in 9 shades, and when I asked for my ideal shade I told the sales assistant that I actually already have the foundation in shade no. 3. She told me that I should take the Light Tint which is this one. When I swatched it, the colour disappeared from my skin and I was very happy with how nicely and lightly it covered without being heavy. It also has a nice dewy finish. Bobbi Brown is truely one of my favorite high-end brands that offers quality products worth their price. The site states that it costs 40$, but I payed 50$..*

Product File:
  • For dry and normal skin 
  • Hydrating
  • Light coverage
  • 9 shades
  • 50 ml

Notice it package doesn't mention oil-free, and that's because this one works for both dry and normal skin. The oil-free formula is actually a new and are available at the moment. It's really important to get oil containing products if one has dry skin, because oil-free products are really really bad for dry skin and will flake it too much. This product is so hydrating for my skin that I do not need to wear a moisturiser under it like I usually do with foundations to prevent dry skin and flaking.
The blended part may look a bit weird and that's only because my hands have tan lines and are both tanned and fair on different spots. It's really strange and I never noticed that untill I took the pictures. I blended the product in my face and it worked perfectly. This is the reason people should actually swatch products before they buy it, on their face/jaw to get the most ideal shade.
It looks way better here, and since it's properly blended it's only barely noticeable because a pea sized amount is actually a lot for such a small area.

After I bought this product, I actually realized that I do not need a foundation. This tinted moisturiser is just perfect and fullfills all my skin requirements. I don't have problem skin, and the only down part of my skin is that it's really dry, but that's managable. The realization of the tinted moisturiser probably only came now (and very late, indeed!) because I had bad experiences with other tinted moisturising products. I might review one I used before, but that's for a later time. The problem was that certain brands only sell ONE shade - which is very occasional if you buy tinted sunscreens and that's what happened to me. 
The only downside of this tinted moisturiser, is the smell.. Usually Bobbi Browns product have som really amazing smells in their products (especially the foundation I got from them) but this one have some strange smell that I can't exactly pinpoint to be what. I think it smells a bit too chemical, but it might only be me. That's because I only noticed that after I put the product in my face and not when I swatched it. But it's not overwhelming which is a good thing for me.
I really really love this tinted moisturiser, and I will defintely give it 8 out of 10.

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