June 15, 2012

TBS: Lily Cole Makeup

Remember my post about a new makeup launch that will be coming out towards the end of May/start of June? Well, by now it's out everywhere! Let's take a look.

The Body Shop Statement: "We are proud to launch a new, special-edition make-up range: cruelty free make-up. Celebrating out against animal testing ethos, out cruelty-free make-up range is so great that Lily (Cole) put her name to it."

Products that has been launched:
Lily Cole Cosmetic Bag - 10$  
Lily Cole Shimmer Cubes - 22$
Lily Cole Nail Buffer - 3$
Lily Cole Lip & Cheek Dome - 15$
Lily Cole Nail File - 3$
Lily Cole Liquid Eyeliner - 13.50$
I think this one comes in only a violet colour
Lily Cole Hi-Shine Lip Treatment - 5$
Lily Cole Compact Mirror - 8$
Lily Cole Pearl Radiance Primer - 22$
Lily Cole Puff On Radiance - 22$

Looks on Lily Cole produced using the products:

Support The Pledge Today:
The Body Shop encourages people all around the world to sign the cruelty-free international pledge. They are calling on governments to ban on animal testing for cosmetics in every country around the world. 
They have provided the following link to anyone who is interested. It IS a great cause actually. Click here * The link will open in a new window. 

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