June 21, 2012

Sleek MakeUp: Face Contour Kit

A few days ago, we acquired the Sleek Makeup Face Contour Kit. It is a set that contains a bronzer and a highlighter. There isn't much to say about it, but I would actually like to add how much I like it for being able to use it to put on a natural and an inconspicuous look. Therefore, you can actually make it look really really natural. You can also choose to put it on more visibly, which works best as an evening look. Both looks can be achieved easily. It all depends on how much you want to add. I just have one complaint, which is that the palette might require a lot of build up, yet it contains so much product that it will defintely last for quite some time.

I also like that the highlighter do not have any specks of glitter on it like many many other highlighters. One I have come across is The Body Shop's Vitamin E Illuminator that I have mentioned early in one of my earlier posts. That one had specks of glitter that you could actually just brush off. But it was really hard to get it off your skin and your clothes. Haha. That's my reason for not buying it. It also worked as a moisturiser, but still. It wasn't very practical. 

Product file:
- Contains a bronzer
- Contains a highlighter
- Comes in 14g
- Comes in three shades: light, medium and dark.
- Comes with a mirror.

Sleek MakeUp

As you can see, the shade chosen is LIGHT.

I'm really sorry for how the pictures turned out. I wasn't at my usualy place, and it seems like the light turned even more orange than how it looked like. The highligher is not even this colour. It has a really nice, reflective light beige/creamy colour. It's a bit hard to explain because you need to see it to understand it.
So.. Yeah, I first realized how seriously serious it was when I got home and uploaded the pictures. Therefore, I've put up a picture from the Sleek MakeUp website on how the palette actually looks like. It's the last picture in the post.
Say Hi to my friend Ayesha. She's the one I experimented the palette on. Natural beauty, isn't she? :) 
You can check out her YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/BeautyLoveAffair101/videos

The kit did it's job wonderfully and gave her a very natural contoured look. Nothing too extreme. I've applied the bronzer on her jaw line, neck, cheekbones, sides of her nose. The highlighter was applied along the nose, apple of the cheeks and below the brows. 

It is different from one person to another person as where to highlight the face, because everyone has different bone structures. Therefore the best tip is to apply on all the places in the face that reflects the light. 

Where to get the palette? I know of two places:
- The official website: http://www.sleekmakeup.com/en/products/face-contour-kit-dark-393.aspx
- The online site we bought it from: http://www.laylam.ae/Sleek-Makeup/Face-Contour-Kit-Light.html

About Laylam, it's a very nice shopping service that makes it easier for some people to buy products so that they don't need to worry about large shipping expenses in case they want to buy something from overseas and far away. We recieved the packaging and it was very clean, nothing was broken and in excellent condition, as seen in all our pictures. So we are very happy with the service and will defintely buy more from them in the future.
* Prices can vary

I'm giving the palette: 8½ out of 10


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  2. are you from USA? What's AED? I really NEED that contouring kit and 13.50$ s&h on the sleek website is a bit much for me.

  3. Hi Jossie,
    My friend bought it for me through that website (Laylam), so that's why it's in AED.
    You didn't provide me with any source to contact you at, so I hope that you will somehow see this message anyway.
    If it's too expensive you can opt for a bronzer and highlighter from some drugstore brands?
    I can suggest using anything that doesn't have any shimmer or specs of glitter on it. It makes the look go on looking natural. For highlighters you can use a concealer or a foundation that's one shade lighter than the usual one you use/your skintone on the suggested areas. For bronzers I know of these:

    - Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder by NYC/New York Color

    - Rimmel Natural Bronzer

    - Nyx (here is a link because I have yet to try their bronzers. Just look for something without a shimmer irl - it's not easy to detect on the website pictures provided)

    - Maybelline

  4. Thank you so much for the helpful tips. I actually came back from the drugstore and bought L'oreal true match super-blendable compact makeup in the color cool,i'm thinking of using it to contour. I wish i saw this comment before I left! Thank you again,my email is jossielydia@gmail.com xx.

  5. I saw the Rimmel Bronzer today,also with the Rimmel matte powder. Sadly I feel as if the bronzer matches my skintone to closely to use for contouring. I checked out physicians formula as well and of course the one I was going to use was sold out, i'll let you know how this goes. xo

  6. Oh well. That's too bad then, but I'm glad I could be of help. Feel free to contact me whenever you have any questions or concerns.
    Rimmel matte powder? well, it's a powder so whatever color that's lighter you might buy it won't work effectively as a highlighter for contouring. I forgot to tell you that anything to work as a highlighter (which isn't a highlighter as a primary function, eg. a foundation) is better cream or liquid based to give a slightly more dramatic effect. I must confess though that I am not fond of buying Rimmel products myself. All the products I've bought from them have harshly disappointed me - except for my liquid liner which honestly won't matter what brand it might be.
    I'm looking forward to hear how it will go. :)
    - May

  7. nice review:)

  8. I thought I wouldn't like this but I did! :) What's great is that they have shades for all skintone. Great review. :)