June 13, 2012

My brush broke!

This is the Lancome foundation brush 3, so if anyone tried to search on the official website for it: they won't find it. Because there is a new one called foundation brush 2.
Sleek black brush handle with the signature Lancome rose logo on it. Grey area at the top of the brush indicates that if it becomes invisible because of the foundation applied, then it means you have put too much! Pretty clever huh?
Let me state first that it already started wobbeling from the first time i started using it. And the place I bought it from never returns anything you buy from them, unless it's still in it's packaging and plastic cover and all that which is pretty impossible to try and put back like that. A policy that sucks very badly. It applies no matter what even though the product is broken once you bought it or not. A zero tolerance policy as they call it.
It's very clear in the picture that there is glue on only one part of the whole thing so that didn't hold it well. Especially since there is no trace of glue on the brush head's inside as well which means it's not even good quality at all. Honestly, I only used it less than 5 times in overall because I do not wear foundation every day. I was never happy for this brush, and I kind of became happy once it broke because I will finally get rid of it. Let me state that the reason it broke was because I washed it. And no, I know very well how you should wash your brushes in a special was so that it won't shed etc.

Let me state the points for all the reasons I hate this brush (yes, a strong word indeed):
- Very expensive - website states it's 35 dollars, I got it for 44 dollars. Irk.
- Very poor quality
- Streaks too much: my skin looks like an oil painting with visible brush marks.
- Incredibly hard to clean: after the second wash there is still a ton of product that have penetrated in the brush.
- Graduated tip is not smooth: it somehow annoyed my skin because some hairs were in microsize a bit longer than others which made my face itch. Wow...

I'm giving it 2 out of 10 and I can't even apologize for that for the reasons stated above. Did anyone come across such or a similar and unfortunate purchase? :(

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