June 24, 2012

Breakdown review of the June GlamBox

Today, I will be having a detailed review of the June GlamBox. I took my time because I wanted to try everything out. The reason is that some products have to be used more than once before you will be able to review them fairly and that's due to them taking some time before showing results. Come on, nothing works overnight right? Right! Let's get started!

This is a Urban Male Lounge gift certificate. It was released because the release of the June GlamBox was very near the date of Fathers Day. So they decided to give these certificates out so all the ladies recieving the boxes can give their dads something for Fathers Day. My certificate contained a free hair cut, which is a pretty reasonable thing actually. Some people might get something else, or maybe not. I compared mine to my friend, Ayesha, and she told me she got the same thing.

Gatineau - Strategie Jeunesse Eye Pads. "These eye pads help reduce the appearance of dark circles and relax the eye area by smoothing fine lines and traces of fatigue." If you look closely, you can see that the last line on the sachet actually says "Anti-Age", which means that this sample is more or likely directed to those with mature skin. I am 19 so I don't need something like this and it will most likely not even work on me. I tried it anyway, and I didn't see any results. Mind you, it was a good eye makeup remover though. Haha. I should have given it to my mother, but I forgot. She might have had better results, because it really didn't do anything for me at all. All in all, I wasn't exactly impressed with this product at all.

Hello Kitty Fragrance. This packaging is beyond pretty. I really really like it. It has this victorian/classy style about it that I'm a huge fan of. I'm aware of the fact that this package also comes in other colours. I, again compared with Ayesha and she got the red one! It looked really pretty too but I'm glad I was lucky to recieve this colour, because I love blue!
Neat isn't it?! The perfume sample is a hello kitty head. Haha. I imagined it to be a bow or something, but this is just as good. It also has a detail that I love. When you take the cap off, you can actually just shake the bottle and it will only drip one drop after the other without wasting too much product!
I can't explain the fragrance though. For me, it smells of... glue and candy! It's probably a weird combination but this is what comes in mind when I smell it. :)
Green Bar - Apricot and Grapefruit Body Oil. There is two things I love about this product. Firstly, the fact that it isn't infused with a bunch of chemicals. I forgot to list the ingredients but as far as I know it was only Apricot Oil and Ruby Grapefruit Zest. Isn't that amazing? Oh, and the smell is so yummy, so be careful not to try to eat it. I doubt it's even edible.
Please excuse how my hand looks in the picture. When I shot the picture, I just got home from doing some errands and it's very clear I didn't use enough sunscreen. Just look how dry it got. It was very hot and dry today and the UV Index was 11+! Unbelieveable right? It was just too horrible for my skin. But anyway.
It was a bit hard to take a picture of the oil. It's incredibly runny and it just slid off as you can see so I had to take a picture of it quickly. You are supposed to put it on damp skin and it will work its magic, just keep massaging it until the skin absorbs it. I must say, it does incredible things to my skin and I'm very happy to have discovered this product. I will defintely purchase the full size because it's a must have!
The Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion! The star product of the whole box. I've been eyeing this primer for a month now and then what happens? I get it in my box! Do I even need to review this? This is like a universal product that everyone should have in their purse. Haha. Okay, maybe not. But yeah I tried it for the first time that day. It has a nude colour, but when blended to the skin it becomes clear but you can still feel the primer as it should. It makes the eyeshadow applied last longer. I have yet to experiment on HOW long though. But it's defintely good and I know that it won't disappoint at all.

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