June 6, 2012

Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2012

Scarf prints can give any outfit a very interesting twist. Eg. Kristen Stewart got a lot of hype for her BALENCIAGA pants. Usually she likes the demure look and would rather choose to have an edgy side to her outfits. Her pants were yellow and were screaming summer, and yet her blazer toned it down and balanced it gorgeously. I especially favor the middle item in the collage and it's a Gucci scarf printed dress. 
Pastels have gotten so much hype and they are all worth it. They remind me of Easter eggs so it's all about the imagination. Pastels look gorgeous with almost everything and can be worn with each other giving some rather feminine and fairy like looks. Louis Vuitton managed to come out with some amazingly beautiful dresses combining them with the hype of the ombre look. Also peplums are really popular and I have two examples of that in the skirts at the down right corner. They can make any outfit turn extremely cute.

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