June 12, 2012

The Body Shop: Skin Primer - Matte it

Alright. I actually think I am a bit upset because of this. When I went to The Body Shop the other day to get a primer, I asked the sales assistant to help me find it because I didn't know where they might've put them. She got me to things. A skin primer (the one I'm reviewing here) and for some reason a highlighter because she couldn't decide which was a PRIMER. Tsch. I'm a bit tired of all TBSs in my area, because all of them have rude people working and they don't even know what they are talking about. 
I once had in an argument with one of them, because she was being incredibly persistent about me having to buy a product for normal/oily complexion and I told her that I had dry skin! She wouldn't believing me stating that "I didn't have any trace of dryness" Excuse me for moisturising my skin. What I am upset about right now? The primer I got is not for dry skin and she didn't tell me that they had another one for dry skin. I found out through browsing their website. Just amazing service... I'm actually thinking about buying my products from another city right now, which sucks because it takes a long time to reach there and I just can't afford going there whenever I need something. But we'll see. Anyway - all that to the side. Let's move on to see it.
TBS Product Statement:
This primer for normal and oily skins creates a smooth base for foundation. It has been designed to deter shine and make make-up last longer.

Product File:
- For normal/oily skin
- Banishes shine
- Helps make-up stay in place
- Smoothes
- Comes in Skin Primer - Moisture it for dry skin
The product comes in a gel like formula and has a transparent colour. The packaging is actually really nice looking and sophisticated and feels like velvet, exactly the way the primer itself feels like when you put it on. It only needs to be blended and should be left alone when you feel that velvety/waxy feeling that most primers feel like. It's actually a really nice finish. It feels exactly like the YSL: Matt Touch Primer. But there is a huge difference between them, since the YSL have many benefits in it. The TBS Skin Primer smoothes finely but sadly dries my skin completely out. I had a bit of minor break out because of it. It might be a really good product for other people with oily skin. I tried to experiment with it, putting it under my concealer but that went really really wrong so don't try it. It was impossible to actually blend the creamy concealer and corrector at all and just made it look like a complete mess.
I also tried putting moisturiser before putting it on, and it seems like it trapped the moisturiser away from my skin. Just like how water and oil is when you try to blend them. You see the water and you see the oil droplets seperate from each other.
I give this primer 5 out of 10 - sadly. The 5 because it does it just what it needs to do (what I feel like it is doing anyway) and it misses the last 5 because it's a meh product for me. A person with oily skin might give it more.  

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