June 3, 2012


Did anyone actually hear about the GlamBox?
It's a very convenient, fun and exciting new way of recieving makeup and beauty products straight to your mailbox. The only thing you have to do is subscribe and wait! 

GlamBox is released in several countries in the world, and depending on the location it is owned by private companies. It can be found in the UK, Brazil, Russia, Middle East etc.
What's fun about the whole thing is that the boxes are personalised. When you buy a subscription (some last a few months so people can try them, others are annual subscriptions that last a whole year and you can even get a month extra for free with lots of GlamPoints) you sign up for a personalised profile. They ask you several relevant questions such as hair color, hair type, skin color, skin type, eye color, favorite brands etc. The questions can be important sometimes, because they want you to be able to fully enjoy a product that actually works and not for the whole thing to be in their favor. Every month you recieve the GlamBox and it contains around 4-5 products (sometimes more, if they have special occasions, eg. up to 6) and the sample products are not the usual ones that you get for free sometimes at makeup counters. This is another detail that I love about the Glambox. The sample sizes are deluxe which means that you will be able to use them quiet a few more times than normal free samples. 

Another thing is also the GlamPoints. When subscribing you recieve a certain amount of GlamPoints. When a certain amount is reached (around 500? I am not sure about all the locations) you can actually redeem the points and get a certain amount of discount of any of the products that you recieved and actually liked.

Now, I just got a subsription myself and I am kind of disappointed for not doing it sooner. I haven't recieved my box yet, so I cannot say for sure anything about whether I like the products or not. But from the earlier months and stuff that has been sent out I have been impressed. There is always at least one product that I absolutely love, they rest are just as good. My box will come somewhere in the middle of this month and I . am. exicited. !

Membership Benefits:
  • Recieve a GlamBox every month with 4-5 deluxe beauty samples.
  • Website filled with expert tips, tricks and tutorials.
  • Earn points for referring friends, posting video blogs, completing surveys and more.
  • It's cheap and fun!

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